Images are explored by people on Eyeshot using Google Street View. All the images are from Google Street View and Eyeshot is not affiliated with Google.

Get beautiful, random, funny, and cool images by using the links below for your placeholders.


Get the image of the desired size by giving the size in the URL. Default is 640x480

Get the square image by

Image By Image ID

Every image has an ID attached. To get an image's ID, just add a param ?id=true with the URL. And find the image ID on the top left corner of the image.

The above parameter will enable the ID on any page.

And use the ID in the placeholder URL.{IMAGEID}

Where {IMAGEID} is the ID you copied. (Use without braces)

Random Image

Get a random image by a simple short URL


Get a grayscale image by adding ?grayscale=1 parameter


Get a blurred out image by adding ?blur=1 parameter

Grayscale & Blur

Get both blurred out and grayscaled image by adding ?blur=1&grayscale=1 parameter

Image From Particular Profile

Get a random image from a particular profile by adding the ?u={USERNAME} parameter


More options coming soon. Until then keep exploring 🌏

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