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Some Cool Eyeshots 😎

Sven Leisegang

In a landscape as mesmerizing as this one, it’s not hard to imagine that dinosaurs once ruled the place.

1 week ago

Monastery complex of MetΓ©ora, Greece

Hermit monks first occupied the rock towers of MetΓ©ora, Greece, in the 9th century and built monasteries atop the rock formations. πŸ›

1 week ago


The bridge is known as Bheema Bridge because Bheema bought a huge rock and put above the rivers so their wife, Draupadi can cross the river easily.

1 week ago


Sage Ved Vyasa wrote the Mahabharata epic with the help of Lord Ganesha in this cave. #cave #vyasa

1 week ago

Lake Louise

Lake Louise - This lake is named after the daughter of Queen Victoria. Lake Louise is famous for its beautiful turquoise (or is it cerulean, sapphire, azure?) look.

1 week ago

Devils Thumb

This is how it feels like to stand on Devil's Thumb πŸ‘πŸΌ

1 week ago